Welcome to Delaware's Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway project website for the development of a
Corridor Management Plan (CMP). CMPs are required documents for Delaware and National Scenic Byways.
For more information about CMPs please see the Project Purpose Section of this website.

This Scenic Byway features true stories and real sites associated with Harriet Tubman
and other freedom loving people who participated in the region's vast Underground
Railroad networks. This Scenic Byway connects key historic landscapes, home sites,
buildings, and places of cultural significance that tell a remarkable story of the
struggle for freedom, and the brave individuals who helped make that dream a
possibility for thousands of men, women, and children born into slavery. Traveling
through fields, forests, and waterways, rural and urban landscapes, visitors will
experience some of the same terrain Harriet Tubman and other known fugitive
slaves and self liberators traveled as they fled to freedom in the North. Here, visitors
will encounter the unique history of Delaware's Underground Railroad, pathways
filled with incredible stories of real people, places, and events, set in a backdrop
of rich historic settlements and cultural comunnities.

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